We at P.L.U.G clothing feel strongly about building our community. We feel all feel that through positive community activism , social awareness and community support by giving socially we all can make a change. 10% of all proceeds from our charity collection will be given to different charity's when our , social media visible fundraising goal is meet.  

  P.L.U.G clothing will be supporting different charity's and community events each clothing change season. We want to encourage a community that loves and care for each other. We want to develop a Brand that people not just like an purchase, but a brand that they can also be proud of.

P.L.U.G clothing started in those same community's that the founders latter returned to and started to give back in. Just as the community was proud to be apart of our journey we want each and every customer to feel the sme way . We want you to be proud to support and help a black owed company also.

We at P.L.U.G clothing hope that you join us on this journey and we all together will see were it takes us all.                      

        Love & Respect
           Brodrick Williams
           (Executive Director)