We at P.L.U.G CLOTHING. love to give back to the community. Were currently trying to actively promote legal ways for our community , to make money other than crime . The second reason for this program was to show people in our community the potential of the E-commerce world also. We are offering a chance of a lifetime for anyone willing to make some legal real money. If you are unemployed this is perfect because you cans be your own boss today just by sining up. You might have a nine to five, still this is perfect for you to gain some extra cash on the side to pay bills. We are offering a partnership program that allows you to profit from our products an social media following. Our program is designed to grow your fan base and lets keep it honest, most importantly your bank account.

        This partnership enables you to sale our clothing products ,an make a commision up to 50%. The commission percentage set depends on your following and sales history. We understand that some people have a bigger social media following than other, so therefore, we will also accept request, as long a you still meet the criteria set by our marketing staff. We also offer personalized package of product collections that you can promote at commission. This program success depend on your ability to do your part and promote the brand and products, as well as we will promote you also. Our lowest level programs start out at 5% commission and the chart will detail the rest. I know most of you are like me right now and asking yourself. How do i get paid ?

       Upon getting approved for a program. You will receive a email from which is our marketing staff  to help you learn how to make money.   You can then select the product you want to promote.  After your first sale you will be able to see it on your own personalized dashboard. When you make sales,  you then  will receive weekly payouts thru papal a brand that is trusted on both sides of business. This is 100% legit and the only payment information we will ever need is your paypal information. We use this platform so that specific reason we want you to see your money and your progress. This partnership only facilitates your ambition to make money and be successful . any further inquires please email us or contact us thru any of our social media platforms. LETS MAKE MILLIONS TOGETHER!



500-1000   *followers on any social media platforms 5%   *commision on selected products
1000-5000  *on selected social media platforms 10%  *on all products
10,000-15,000  *on selected social media platforms 15%  *on all products
20,000-50,00   *on selected social media platforms 20%  *on all products
50,000-100,000  *on selected social media platforms 25%  *on all products
100,000-200,000  *on selected social media platforms 30%  *on all products
200,000-300,000  *on selected social media platforms 35%  *on all products
300,000-400,000 *on selected social media platforms 40%  *on all products
400,00-500,000  *on selected social media platforms 45%  *on all products
500,000-1 MILLION  *on selected social media platforms 50%  *on all products