P.L.U.G clothing is proud to be the exclusive bridge between the fashion world, community activism, and the real urban streets. We as a company have a goal that we are all striving towards Our goal is to become the number one urban clothing brand, an also give away a hundred million dollars to our companies chosen charity's.
     We recognize the void that alot of us have left in these community that we helped destroy in all our own way. We want to change the narrative of money flowing out of our community to companies that don't help the people that spend there hard earned funds on clothing.
We want to say thank you .O.K with that said , we openly want to welcome you to he P.L.U.G clothing family. Know let me tell you a little of our companies history.
Pachino ,an his crew have always been fashion icon's , maybe not Internationally ,or even in the eyes of the fashion world. Still in the eyes of the people that know Pachino , an his crew they will all say. Those guy's have been shocking and rocking since they all were to young to know what being fashionable was. With time the Urban and street style has evolved and changed with the times. Still there style has always remained ahead of the game.
  P.L.U.G was conceived in 2018 when Pachino realized his brother Broderick ,and nephew Daishawn started to grow a real interest in the clothing design, an fashion industry. Pachino got a few designs made up and printed a couple of T shirts as samples. Just as he thought people started to ask what brand was it? The request for the samples grew fast. He realized that he had to get the brand together first.
          Pachino then called for a meeting with his closest friends and some family members and they decided to venture into the clothing industry. They came up with P.L.U G ( PROUD, LEGENDS, UNSTOPABLE, GREATNESS ). It was agreed at that meeting also, that they would keep it urban ,an street, but also still through there charity deliver a bigger message to the world, about the real street life.

           We have big plans for P.L.U.G clothing as a brand and community force in the city of Atlanta in the future. For information on community events and contact information check out our charity page in the menu bar. While there feel free an sign up for our charity events and fundraising email list. With that being said feel free to join our clothings brands email listing also on the website's homepage for new collections, release dates and more.
Thank you
Shannon Williams 
(Managing Director)